Are you ready for an emergency?

Emergency management

Have you prepared your company for an emergency and set up an appropriate emergency management system?

The possible effects can be reduced by emergency management. Emergency management is a management process with the aim of identifying serious risks to a company that threaten its survival at an early stage and establishing measures against them.

The aim of emergency management is to ensure that important business processes are not interrupted, or only temporarily interrupted, even in critical situations, and that the company's economic existence remains secure even in the event of a major loss event. A holistic view is therefore crucial.

If you do not yet have an appropriate emergency management system, we can support you in setting it up and implementing it.

During an approx. 2-hour consultation, we will discuss with you the aspects that need to be considered in order to continue critical business processes in the event of an emergency:

  • Personnel management
  • Processes, business functions and IT-relevant topics
  • Supplier and customer management
  • Communication - internal and external
  • Structure and establishment of an emergency organization / necessary roles and responsibilities

We have gained practical experience in dealing with pandemics and emergency situations caused by natural disasters during our activities in Southeast Asia (SARS virus) and Istanbul, Turkey floods).


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