Digital transformation

between opportunity and destiny

Digital transformation

For IT service providers and IT departments, digitization is the current culmination of what they have stood for decades: the implementation of business requirements and processes with the means of increasingly effective information technology. What is new and exciting are the sheer unlimited perspectives that digital means open up today.

From Cultural Change to Change without Borders?

No essential area in business, administration, public and private communication remains untouched by the new possibilities of the digital revolution. Cloud computing, big data and the broad field of mobile applications are shaping our lives, and development seems far from having reached its peak.

Digitization changes the economy

For IT management, digitization is not just the self-evident background to their daily work. The technological options are also having a powerful impact on the economic structures of the IT industry. Companies are merging or sourcing out, traditional market players are leaving, and new players are offering surprising prospects. The digital start-up is suddenly just as relevant a competitor as investors from outside the industry.

"Digital transformation" between opportunity and destiny

The IT industry, and not only the IT industry, has entered an enormous transformation process. Digital transformation is changing production methods, customer needs are increasingly playing a dynamic role, business models are changing, and people are finding themselves in new roles and tasks. If you want to remain a player in these exciting times, you need a plan.

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Anyone researching the topic of cloud computing is inundated with technical terms such as "hybrid", "DevOps" and "Kubernetes". The terms "cloud native" or "cloud readiness" are usually defined as critical success factors of a cloud strategy. But what do these terms actually mean? And what mentality goes hand in hand with them?  

Alliance Automotive Germany GmbH (AAGG) is part of the Alliance Automotive Group, the second largest car parts dealer and full-service workshop provider in Europe. It is working on the introduction of a uniform ERP system for the entire company. After the technical start of the project in 2019, those responsible prepared themselves in intensive change management workshops in the summer and autumn of 2021 to take the project into the company. noventum change management consultants Jan Helmchen and Rabea Wolters moderated the workshops.

Like many other partner companies, noventum consulting has signed the Microsoft "Act to accelerate". With this paper, Microsoft is making a statement about the future of the digital world, in which the IT economy can and wants to make a significant contribution. The terms innovation, trust, culture, sustainability and empowerment mark the framework for the Microsoft Partner Pledge. In a detailed concept, noventum sets its own impulses on the topic of sustainability.

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