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Authentisches Employer Branding

Advice on strengthening an authentic employer brand,

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Trust and performance belong together

Developing corporate culture with a system

You want to noticeably improve your corporate culture and thus unleash the full potential of your organization? The interaction with each other, the relationship between employees and superiors, the atmosphere in the company and the confidence in your leadership? We at noventum stand for the systematic development of a culture of trust and performance and would like to support you on your way.

A very good workplace culture strengthens the motivation of your employees and makes you economically more successful! We have proven this through many successful projects in large and complex environments: With us, you will consistently bring about important changes. Technically, organizationally and culturally.

As a long-time Great Place to Work® competition participant and three-time winner of the Germany's Best Employers competition, we have excellent knowledge of the instruments for promoting a culture of trust.

We support your company with our range of solutions.

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Harmonization of corporate culture - success factor in mergers

With mutual appreciation to a new corporate culture

Through a merger or acquisition, your company can grow by leaps and bounds. With new size, you can move even more for your customers and also produce more cost-effectively through economies of scale and synergies. This or something similar is often the plan.

Is it that simple? From now on we belong together and do everything together? It is not that simple! Turning two independent companies into one is a major challenge. An important task is to bring together the people with their possibly very different work cultures.

This is where we at noventum consulting can support you, because this is what we specialize in.

Our past projects have shown us that it is important to first recognize and appreciate the strengths of the individual cultures. Only then can these be combined and a new corporate culture can emerge. This requires mutual respect and appreciation.

That is why in our corporate culture projects we place special emphasis on the word DIALOGUE ...

On the way to a trust-based corporate culture

Targeted improvement of corporate culture - learning from culture audits and employee surveys

You want to become an excellent employer? You dream of your employees enjoying coming to work and doing exceptionally good and effective work with a lot of fun? You also want to be attractive to future employees and want word to spread about how attractive it is to work for you?

With our proven procedures, with our experience and with a value-oriented attitude, we accompany you on your way to an excellent corporate culture.

We use cultural analyses to determine where the company currently stands, what fields of action exist and, above all, what the relevant topics of development are. We examine your previous personnel measures and also conduct an employee survey for you if you wish. You get a detailed mirror for the current climate and a feeling for what of your personnel strategy is received by the employees ...

Future-oriented leadership: events and excursions

Our open forum for trust culture and contemporary leadership

"Trust" is the key to a future-oriented leadership culture!
This CREDO stands above our events for executives, through which we want to inspire you with our point of view.

In our open events, we use surprising and unusual means to show how future-oriented leadership can become part of your company's everyday life.

Sylter Tage

We travel together to Germany's most beautiful North Sea island and work out solutions for our everyday leadership in very heterogeneous teams.

Improvisational theater and the stimulating North Sea climate help us to return with a clear head and lots of good humor. All information about the Sylter Tage.

Business Unusual Forum

For several years now, the Business Unusual Forum has been our open congress event for executives with a passion for innovation. Our topics are unusual, and so is the format of this attractive one-day event. We bring together people who want to further develop their everyday business and boldly break new ground. With keynotes and workshops, entertainment and lots of interaction, we create a creative atmosphere that can have a lasting impact on management content.

Curious now?
Then be there next time!

Keynotes and workshops on trust and performance culture

A culture of trust pays off!

Uwe Rotermund is the expert when it comes to the topics of trust culture and employer attractiveness.

He is a successful entrepreneur, but he wants to do more than earn money. He has been the managing director of noventum consulting since 1996 and runs his company with the claim of being able to realize trust and performance under one roof.

He shares this experience as a speaker at public events or internal company events and workshops.

He designs his public lectures with lively examples from his own company history and from successful corporate culture projects, with fundamental suggestions on trust culture, employer attractiveness and innovation in the company.

Uwe Rotermund inspires and develops practical concepts. From his decades of experience as a management consultant, he is familiar with everyday life in the company and builds bridges to a new management culture.

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