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Agility, innovation and cost reduction

Nowadays, most companies have already gained experience with the cloud and have taken the decisive step towards digital transformation: Applications, IT capacities or individual processes are obtained from a wide range of cloud providers.

In the process, it was found that cloud solutions certainly raise various questions: Which provider has the right applications? Which parts of the IT are suitable for outsourcing? How does a migration to the cloud actually work? At what point does cloud computing pay off and what are the costs of moving to the cloud?

To take advantage of the market for customers, an individual cloud solution is necessary. The right strategy that meets your company's requirements is therefore analyzed in cloud consulting.


Using the cloud for your business with experience and competent advice

The company noventum generates the solution for the IT landscape with its process model of cloud architecture. With more than 20 years of consulting experience in IT sourcing, data center relocation and IT infrastructure, our company offers an optimally staged cloud consulting plan that makes the path to the cloud a safe and successful next step in your IT development.

In four major solution steps, we take a look with you at:

The detailed overview of our cloud consulting model and its individual sub-items show how careful planning makes migration to the cloud a sure path to success.

With us as your partner, you will receive a comprehensive analysis of your issues as well as the cloud services you need to address them.

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Result Types
Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud target image
  • Cloud Readiness Check
  • Options for action
  • Cloud Roadmap
  • Cloud policies
Result types
  • Organizational concept
  • Operating concepts
  • Migration concepts
  • Security concepts
Result types
  • Company / Business Processes
  • Operational processes (ITIL)
  • Security & compliance processes
Result types Cloud Migration & Transformation
  • Need for action
  • Transformation plan
  • Structure of the target objects
  • Migration
  • Regular operation

Solution scenarios for cloud computing
Success Stories // Professional Articles // News

Microsoft Power BI has been on everyone's lips for several years now under the keyword "Self-Service BI" and contributes significantly to the perception of the Microsoft Data Platform as a leading analytics and business intelligence platform. In order to maintain and expand its leading position, Microsoft is making significant investments in the further development of the platform and is constantly increasing the range of functions via short, sometimes monthly release cycles.

For most companies the use of cloud services is initially often a step-by-step experiment. Based on individual accounts with one of the major cloud providers, various employees explore the possibilities and get an idea of what might be of interest to their company or department. Even these first explorations are usually subject to a fee. In order to keep an eye on where the journey is going financially, this initial option testing has to be tackled systematically. Such a plan is mandatory for a later widespread use of the cloud. Large providers such as AWS or Azure have usually planned the first steps for new customers diligently. With a Trusted Advisor, such as that found at AWS, the first steps are quickly and safely taken.

Today, most companies have already had experience with the cloud: applications, IT capacities or individual processes are sourced from a wide range of cloud providers. Agility, innovation, cost reduction, flexibility and scalability are the most common reasons for moving to the cloud. The practical questions are: which provider has the right services? Which parts of the corporate IT are suitable for outsourcing? How does a migration into the cloud actually work? How does it pay off and are the costs the only trigger for moving to the cloud? The question is usually no longer, "are we going into the cloud?" Rather, it is about questions such as "when and how?" or "which services are possible?". Not only beginners in the cloud topic ask themselves the question of the correct procedure.

Using the concrete example of the relocation of an HR analytics application to a cloud environment, some special features of cloud computing in the BI environment are presented here.

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