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Agility, innovation and cost reduction

Nowadays, most companies have already gained experience with the cloud and have taken the decisive step towards digital transformation: Applications, IT capacities or individual processes are obtained from a wide range of cloud providers.

In the process, it was found that cloud solutions certainly raise various questions: Which provider has the right applications? Which parts of the IT are suitable for outsourcing? How does a migration to the cloud actually work? At what point does cloud computing pay off and what are the costs of moving to the cloud?

To take advantage of the market for customers, an individual cloud solution is necessary. The right strategy that meets your company's requirements is therefore analyzed in cloud consulting.


Using the cloud for your business with experience and competent advice

The company noventum generates the solution for the IT landscape with its process model of cloud architecture. With more than 20 years of consulting experience in IT sourcing, data center relocation and IT infrastructure, our company offers an optimally staged cloud consulting plan that makes the path to the cloud a safe and successful next step in your IT development.

In four major solution steps, we take a look with you at:

The detailed overview of our cloud consulting model and its individual sub-items show how careful planning makes migration to the cloud a sure path to success.

With us as your partner, you will receive a comprehensive analysis of your issues as well as the cloud services you need to address them.

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Result Types
Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud target image
  • Cloud Readiness Check
  • Options for action
  • Cloud Roadmap
  • Cloud policies
Result types
  • Organizational concept
  • Operating concepts
  • Migration concepts
  • Security concepts
Result types
  • Company / Business Processes
  • Operational processes (ITIL)
  • Security & compliance processes
Result types Cloud Migration & Transformation
  • Need for action
  • Transformation plan
  • Structure of the target objects
  • Migration
  • Regular operation

Solution scenarios for cloud computing
Success Stories // Professional Articles // News

Cloud computing is becoming an increasingly important topic in banking. Despite guidance from the EBA and BAFIN, uncertainty remains about the regulatory requirements. The question therefore arises as to which regulatory and relevant requirements must be observed in cloud computing.

DB Regio Bus has largely moved its IT to the cloud over the last four years. In doing so, it implemented a technological target set by the DB Group, which has been pursuing an active cloud policy since 2015. Supporting the IT managers from the regional bus organisations and convincing them to support the cloud project was a major challenge for the noventum consultants, who have been supporting the project since 2017.

As "Director Senior Azure Analytics Architect", Felix Möller has worked for the technology group Avanade for the past five years and has now returned to noventum consulting to contribute his experience to the consultancy. In his last role, Felix Möller worked as an architect and project manager in large Azure Data Platform projects for German corporations. In the future, he will increasingly lead noventum BI customers into the cloud and bring the experience from the corporate world to SMEs.

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