Mission Statement

Vision and mission

We are an IT management consulting firm with locations in Münster, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Istanbul as well as Luxembourg, and have been in business successfully since 1996.

Our focus is on project business for large, complex and quite often international IT service providers, preferably in the financial and telecommunications industries.

We are your first address for optimising business controls, processes, data management and IT infrastructure.  In this context, we are at our customers' side, from conceptualisation to implementation. Through our involvement in innovation and mega trends, we are prepared for the challenges of the future.

With respect to our own employees and the employees of our customers, we focus on values trust, fairness and loyalty.

Our company's vision is:

"noventum consulting exemplifies people-oriented IT management consulting. At eye level with the large international IT strategy consulting firms, but oriented towards medium-sized companies, personal and authoritative. To us, to consult also means to implement. As multiple award-winning experts for a culture of trust and strong communications, we design IT projects holistically and therewith contribute to the success of our customers."

Our mission is based on the following values:

Quality Orientation

We stand for quality - in all areas of our work, at all levels of the cooperation, with respect to all aspects and requirements of the customer relationship and of employee development:

  • Our employees are high-profile individuals. They adjust their activities to the customers' requirements and provide them with the highest degree of achievement of objectives desired.
  • The scope of our work is delineated by defined processes in which responsibilities and competencies are regulated. That way, we assure quality, an optimal utilisation of resources, and flexibility.
  • To maintain quality requires from us a willingness to change and continuous, diverse training and continuing education. Our employees are involved in all internal processes throughout.
  • Through our focusing on target industries and through our focus on large companies, we provide special expertise for the optimal benefit of our customers.

Successful work always is responsible work. Our employees are always responsible for the benefit to the customer and for the success of the company. Taking on responsibility is a prerequisite for:

  • Effectively designed, successful and attractive work.
  • The cooperation is characterised by trust and respect for the individuality of our employees. Everybody is responsible for actively passing on information that is important to the work result.
  • We lead cooperatively and thoroughly with agreements regarding objectives and performance and promote the self-accountability of our employees within their areas of responsibility. Self-accountability is a conscious and professional attitude of our employees.
  • Process-oriented thinking and acting, working in a team and orientation towards challenging objectives require self-accountability. To us, taking on responsibility means to structure, form and design - work environments, relationships, cooperation and quality of execution.

Quality and success only prove themselves in the sustainability, in the reliable return and in the permanent professional development. We place value on seeking long-term solutions in our decisions, on being trusting in our customer orientation and on being comprehensible in our effect.

  • Sales is sensibly responding to customer inquiries with the objective to gain permanent partners.
  • Our comprehensive know-how transfer assures our customers' independence from our consulting services.
  • We are current and present. We want to convince and thereby bind both customers and employees to us long-term.

We trust in our performance, our intelligence, and our willingness to develop - we are a company with self-confidence, and our customers trust us. You experience our reliability in agreements, our presence in all questions and uncertainties, our personal willingness to perform above and beyond the standard.

  • We know our customers' business and processes and we are aiming for a long-term connection characterised by trust.
  • As a service-oriented company, we are reliable in our statements regarding costs, schedules and results, and provide comprehensive and professional project management as part of a holistic consulting concept.
  • We work for the trust that people place in us. We do everything necessary for comprehensive and current know-how, for professionalisation of processes, for reflection of objectives and success.

Our openness in dealing with one another, in professional exchange as well as in personal communication, is an essential prerequisite for quality and success in communication and cooperation at large. For customers and employees alike, we are transparent in the processes, clear in the information and personally articulate in the relationships.

  • We enable active responsiveness to concerns and quick, constructive solutions for tensions and problems.
  • Openness provides space for critical discussion and manifold learning. Openness goes along with willingness to change.
  • Openness is actively promoted by the managers through recipient-oriented information and initiative as well as honest and complete communication.
Orientation towards success

We know what we are capable of and we know where we are heading. Our orientation towards success is considerable, our objectives are challenging.

  • We work success-driven, with the commitment to quality and performance.
  • Our economic success is the result of our conscious focus: We are attentive and quick on the market, we see new developments, we count on excellent know-how and on high-profile "can-doers" and personalities.
Future Orientation

We will also in the future be a successful, self-confident, energetic and well-connected company. We are taking a stand for these characteristics, committed and future-oriented.

  • We assure our future viability with the creation of new areas of business and the development of our employees' expert knowledge.
  • We are a learning organisation and adjust our structures and processes to the requirements so that we continue to be successful.
  • We take care of reasonable growth, thus supporting success. Structures and organisation already today follow tomorrow's challenges and opportunities.
  • Our motivation goes above and beyond being purpose-driven. To us, the future also means having the spirit of joint success.
People Orientation
  • The valuation of our employees is - among others - documented in recognition and praise, performance-adjusted salary structures and targeted professional and personal promotion.
  • Executive leadership is leading by example, i. e., it represents the vision and mission of the company convincingly for both employees and customers and thereby has a considerable impact on the business culture.
  • We invest in relationship quality, we count on the qualities of personality. We derive our impact and our value from people.


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