Competing for the best

To attract good employees is a challenge. Retaining very good employees is just as difficult. noventum is facing both tasks with a passion. Because, in the final analysis, the know-how and the personality of our employees are the central capital that we have as a business consulting firm.

noventum consulting GmbH is an employee-oriented company. Whatever is possible and sensible to increase the satisfaction of our employees, we will do. And quite successfully: We have an extraordinarily low turnover rate.

In 2012, noventum consulting was once again elected by its employees as Germany's Best Employer in the business ranking of the renowned Cologne-based Great Place to Work® Institute. For noventum consulting, which in the previous years already achieved first place, too, this great result is simultaneously reward and challenge.

Since 2013, noventum is the official Great   Place to Work ® ambassador and is, as such, pursuing the mission "to not only live a trust-based business culture, but to also spread it to the world". (Uwe Rotermund)

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